ISO 10002:2018

ISO 10002:2018: Customer Satisfaction & Complaint Management System. This ISO Standard gives assurance of Customer Satisfaction & Complaint management System as per International approach for all types of organizations such as Manufacturing/processing, Service Providing Organization and Trading Organization etc. This organization assured that Customer Satisfaction Level Enhance Continuously.

Meaning of ISO 10002:2018 (in detail) :Here ISO means: International Organization for Standardization; 10002 means: family introduction name of ISO series for Customer Satisfaction & Complaint Management System and 2018: Publishing Year of standards. (ISO 10002:2018)

Documents are required for ISO 10002:2018 Registration
There are different types of documents are required for different types of organization please feel free to contact us any time for free ISO Consultancy or know documents are required for ISO Registration.

Benefits of ISO 10002:2018

  •     Increase customer satisfaction by creating a customer approach system that is open to feedback (including complaints), resolving any complaints received.
  •     Senior management involve and commit through adequate acquisition and deployment of resources, including training;
  •     Addressing the needs and expectations of complainants;
  •     Analysis and evaluate complaints in order to improve the product and customer service quality;
  •     Internal Audit of the complaints-handling process.